# Education: How to focus

To focus, we need a lot of oxygen and a balanced hydration. Solve the children vigorously before your child starts with the homework. Ask him a bottle of water (no juice, no soda) on the desktop so that it is drinking enough. Our brain needs to work sugar and oxygen. Join our body can make use only simple sugars (glucose), as it is found in fruits and vegetables. Sweets and normal table sugar were harmful and detrimental to the development of concentration.

Therefore, make sure that your child if it is to focus (at school, before and during homework) do not eat sweets or drink soda. Fruit (apples, grapes, bananas, raisins) provide contrast from the brain directly utilizable sugars in sufficient quantities. Some children respond to sugar phosphates or with increased activity and concentration problems. If a child in pleasant situations cannot concentrate for a few minutes, you should seek the advice of professionals.

The eye needs to rest if we want to focus on. In this area, we distinguish ourselves from adults to children. We need order to focus our attention. Children can also have a “healthy chaos” play quietly. Make with homework that the workplace is free of distracting toys. It is not so much a visual distraction that bothers much more than the simulative nature, emanating from the many toys. The toy car, the canary or the puppet on the desk will distract a child who does not like to make homework easily.

Peace of mind

Not only the eyes and the ears, the soul needs peace and harmony. Stress and tension are not good concentration helpers. Controversy and concern in the family interfere with concentration as well as long-term failures. Apply by admonitions and punishments in addition to an increase of tension.

A child needs praise and recognition then it most when it has the least deserved! Your ranting after a bad class work is so unhelpful and not suited to your child with new energy-focused zoom does the homework.Listen to music, for example, a relaxation CD (right two times from a scientific or psychological point of view good examples) or the broadcast version of the cartridge are good ways to turn off the thoughts and learn the direction of attention.

This includes, of course, that the children this is just the music or the cassette deal and not busy with other things at the same time are.Particularly suitable is the reading. For the construction of concentration, there is hardly anything better than the children to tell stories and something to read.

In these examples, the relaxation on the direction of the auditory perception is achieved. Again, the elimination of the motor is (comfortably in bed or sit in a rocking chair) of essential importance.

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