# Education: The ability to concentrate

There are many other ways, concentration, balance and relaxation to learn and develop the ability to concentrate in children. Which way to fit a child, the child must eventually figure it out. Parents can give their children while we demonstrate several ways to try to leave. One should always note that when adults speak of it, that is not a child can focus, they see this from the perspective of adults and over-estimate the length of time to focus children and underestimate the impact of situational influences on the ability to concentrate.

That children like to be distracted by internal and external stimuli, is completely normal. Only with age increases the ability to concentrate on working on the solution of a problem, alternating with concentration and relaxation phases today. Younger children need caregivers who help them, after this period of re-initiate a concentration phase.

You can support his child, perhaps with a short silence Exercise: The child lies down comfortably on your back and folds his hands across his stomach, and then it closes her eyes and tries to concentrate on the movements of the abdomen during breathing. Initially, for half a minute, but then you can increase the exercise up to three minutes, which you should try yourself as an adult, to understand that we are willing to his child.

The aim of the exercise is to be controlled to calm, relax and gather. Concentration is in fact not a quality that is always and at all times, but a skill that highly dependent on the situation. However, it is not only the current situation, the topic or the matter with which concerned a child affected his concentration.

The ability to direct attention to a matter depends on many conditions:

• Of the thing – If the thing interesting or rather a boring duty assignment?
• Of the current mood – If you feel well today, or you have concerns and fears?
• The skill – power work fun, can it, or is it more uncomfortable, you have this trouble?
• Of the environment – What happens around now? Isitmuch more interestingand exciting?

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